Sara Saltanovitz



Sara Saltanovitz’s incredible career started in Chicago. She began her fascination and appreciation of hair and illustration at a very early age. As a child she Invented new ways of braiding her hair, and always knew she had a natural born talent for hair and was destined to become a hair stylist. At the same time, Sara perfected her hair artistry, she explored opportunities to express and expand her creativity, and started a career as a fashion designer. Sara graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology, but soon after she realized that she wanted to draw her inspiration from the natural beauty she saw in people’s faces, not fashion design. Sara followed her heart into makeup and hair artistry. She started out by working with luxury department stores selling high-end cosmetics. This permitted Sara to develop her make-up techniques on women of diverse ethnic origins with widely varying skin tones. She found that her illustration skills helped with her choice in color, symmetry and her ability to make a woman look flawless. With this experience under her belt, Sara was embraced by the fashion, beauty and the entertainment industry where she gained popularity doing hair and make-up for many socialites and fashionistas. Sara believes each brush stroke is designed to highlight and accentuate one’s natural beautiful features as well as, the emotions that each feature may inspire. Sara has developed her own unique style that is edgy and at the same time classically beautiful. Sara is also known for her expertise in hair artistry including: blow-outs, styling, bridal, braiding, cutting and coloring. Her Make-up artistry includes: a good visual eye and a strong sense of color and texture. Sara does the traditional painters way of applying foundation or the airbrushing method.