Ranee McGowan



Raneeā€™s artistic gift developed at an early age, passed down from her mother who was an artist as well as hairstylist. Exposed to the latest fashions and trends in the industry, beauty became a way of life and instinctively she knew that this was where she wanted to be. She enrolled in Pivot point Academy and was soon licensed in cosmetology and esthetics. After being in the industry over 15 years through hard work and dedication, Ranee has worked New York Fashion Week for the last several years and assisted celebrity artist such as Marcello Costa, Michelle Nicole and Jon Reyman in working with designers Andres Aquino, Levico, Este & Chlo, Supima , Project Runway and Concept Korea. While making a splash in the industry she has also been featured in Vogue Italia as well as other publications. Ranee is a salon owner, wife and mother of three. Her passion and love for this industry and her family are what drives her. She believes that hard work, consistency, love and staying true to yourself are the keys to success and happiness.