Galina Kapustina


Originally from Uzbekistan, Galina received her BA in International Relations from Lake Forest College and a BA in Design from Harrington College. She began her career in fashion at the prestigious AGAF Fashion Bureau in Paris, whose clients include Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Lane Crawford. Drawing upon these experiences, Galina turned fashion styling into a career as a visual stylist for Bloomingdale's Ready-to-Wear Department. After honing her skills with Bloomingdale's, Galina made a transition into freelance styling. Her roster of projects includes Marie Claire, VOGUE Italia, People Magazine, TCW Magazine, SLENDERBREAD Magazine, CREEM, Glossed&Found, GLAM Media, Mario Tricoci, Nike, Converse, Hurley, Lifetime Fitness, and Chicago Fashion Week among others.