Cathleen Healy



Cathleen Healy was born and raised in the Midwest, and owes her career choice to a bad eyebrow job she received at the age of 13! Using herself as her first canvas, it was a personal challenge to manipulate and create a vision that wasn’t distracting. Cathleen feels that her talent is a god-given gift and hair and make-up became her destiny as she catapulted into a career that has spanned over 22 years and 2 continents. Her ongoing training and experience has helped her to know when to leave things alone, and recognize that appearance is a form of communication, not something to control. Having lived and worked in Milan for 4 years, this experience changed Cathleen’s eye and hand, spurring growth as she moved out of her comfort zone. Cathleen enjoys a balance of editorial and celebrity work, and experimenting with textures and movement. And as for those eyebrows, Cathleen is now known to be a gifted artist in that area. “They can make you look angry, sad, bored, . . .”, says Cathleen. “Eyebrows are 90% of the strength of your face.”